It’s been a while. I took a little break from blogging but thought it was about time to get back to it! I went on a little trip to the beach a while back and I still have some photos I wanted to share. So here we go.


So the timing of this getaway probably wasn’t the best… There was a big storm coming so the tide was very high. We couldn’t even get to the actual beach because the water was reaching the dunes. This did however make for some pretty cool photos (and wet socks). Luckily we booked the cutest AirBnb to spend the stormy morning in.


We were staying in Middelburg and the AirBnb was literally in the middle of the city. The interior was simply adorable. Cute pictures on the walls, (dying) plants everywhere and fairylights along the ceiling. They even had a record player on which we had Louis Armstrong accompanying us must of the time.


After the storm had passed we had a little roam around the city. Turns out it’s a paradise for cute shops. Lots of interior and plant stores, thrift stores and cafes. We came by this bakery where we decided to have a little bite. Or so we thought, until we couldn’t decide what to have to we decided to have everything. Which was simply divine I’ll say, but I can also now say that there actually is such a thing as too much cake.

In the end the weather by the beach actually turned out to be a lot better than in the rest of the country. It only stormed at night and part of the morning, which didn’t really matter because we ended up watching the first three Shrek movies. And we did manage to get a few good beach walks in which is always nice. I mean in my opinion the beach is always nice no matter what the weather’s like, but it is quite nice to not get blown away by the wind (and to keep your socks dry). So overall, a very succesful getaway!


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  1. Happy April 1st!! Oh my goodness you take the most gorgeous images… wishing I was here

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

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