The first snow is here! And I couldn’t be happier. One, because it was actual thick, white snow and not just some disappointing mixture between snow and rain. And two, because I didn’t have to work today! (Since I work outside and it would have been ugly). I had the whole day to just enjoy the snow and of course, go out to take some photos. We didn’t even wait for it to stop snowing so it was a very, very cold walk… But the photos are so worth it!

Winter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter Wonderland

I wasn’t the only one who was happy about the snow… My dogs loved it! They adore running around and rolling through the snow. If they could, I bet they would’ve stayed outside all day.

Winter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter Wonderland

Whenever it has snowed, I feel like the world looks so much more beautiful. Everything looks so much lighter and more friendly. Like the whole world is covered under a big blanket of goodness. Another thing I love about snowy days is to just get all cozy with an oversized coat and snuggle up in a big scarf. Literally all you could see were my eyes. And of course, after a long walk you can just get in your onesie and warm up by the fireplace with some hot chocolate! That’s what I’d call a perfect Winter day.

Winter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter WonderlandWinter Wonderland

Hat & Scarf: Zara – Coat: H&M


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28 thoughts on “A WINTER WONDERLAND”

  1. Oh gosh these photos are perfect! They make me feel so cosy and being so close to Christmas, it makes everything seem even more magical doesn’t it? We had a day of snow and it was my dogs first time and she loved it so I can imagine just how your two felt!

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