Happy Halloween!! I’m so sad that Halloween isn’t really a big thing where I live. So I decided to create a little Halloween vibe myself by carving a pumpkin! I went for a classic Jack Skellington from ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and I have to say, he turned out pretty damn cool.

Pumpkin KingPumpkin King

I got this huge pumpkin that I mentioned in my post ‘It’s Pumpkin Time!‘. We started by cutting off the top bit and scraping out the insides of the pumpkin (disgusting). I read somewhere that you really have to get everything out, and then rinse the inside of the pumpkin with bleach to prevent it from rotting too quickly. So we did that. Didn’t help. Let’s just say that Jack isn’t looking so hot anymore… But hey, we tried.

Pumpkin KingPumpkin KingPumpkin King

I then drew on the face that I wanted to carve out. I just googled ‘Jack Skellington pumpkin’, chose the drawing that I wanted and copied that onto my pumpkin. Then we started carving. We being me and my dad because there was no way my tiny wrists were gonna be able to cut through this huge pumpkin. My responsibility was smoothing out the edges. And then all we had to do was light a candle and everyone hail to the pumpkin king!Pumpkin KingPumpkin King

I hope you’re all enjoying your Halloween! Wether you’re out trick-or-treating or attending some awesome Halloween party. Me and some friends with whom I lived in the USA are having a little Halloween get-together tonight for the sake of bringing Halloween to Holland!


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