Bonjour! Ça va? I went to France! The Provence to be exact. (As if the title didn’t give it away.) We have had such a lovely time in the Provence and visited so many different villages and cities. So, it’s time for a bunch of travel blogs! Since I’ve taken SO many photos I thought I’d just split it into a few different posts. So here it is, part one of my holiday in France. Starting off with one of the most beautiful villages in la France: Seillans!



I wasn’t kidding. Seillans has actually been awarded one of France’s 100 most beautiful towns (by some website…). But just keep on reading and you will see why. It is such a quaint little town, exactly what you would imagine if you’d think of a French village. Small cobblestone streets with coloured shutters around every window. Flowers all around, little terraces and greenery climbing up every wall …


I just got the feeling that I’d just walked onto a movie set, ‘Chocolat’ perhaps. We sat down at this beautiful restaurant called ‘La gloire de mon père’ for a cup of coffee. It was set around a fountain where water streamed into big cans with flowers, as you sat underneath these huge sycamore trees. The perfect place for a morning coffee.


We then explored the village a bit more. Wandering through the streets and taking loads of photos!


The next day we visited the Lac de Saint Cassien. A big lake where you can go canoeing, paddleboarding or swimming. Thought I’d add this to the blog since I only have a few photos of it but still wanted to share them. It was such a beautiful bright blue lake, and the water was so nice to swim in! (As long as you didn’t think about all of the big creepy fish swimming a couple of feet below you.) After a refreshing swim we had lunch at a little restaurant practically on the lake. I obviously went for gambas which were delish!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have already started mentally planning your next trip abroad. Stay tuned for more holiday posts!

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