So I haven’t written in a while… again. I’ve wanted to write this post for so long now but just couldn’t find the time to take photos. So after a while of putting it off, I just decided to have a little photoshoot in my room. No spectacular photos, but loads of cute clothes! Summer sales are reaching their end, but I made sure I got some cute things for the summer! I basically only shopped at Pull & Bear so everything you’ll see in this post is from there. Let’s get this summer haul started!

Pull & Bear HaulPull & Bear Haul

First thing I got was this gorgeous kimono. And for a super good price as well! I just adore the flowers on it and I feel like it will be perfect for those summer nights in la France!

Pull & Bear Haul

The green top is also new. It’s a crop top with buttons on the front and some volant on the bottom. Just a perfect little top to throw on when it’s warm.

Pull & Bear HaulPull & Bear Haul

Talking about tops, I also picked up these two black ones. One is an off-the-shoulder kinda model, which just reminds me of Sandy in the final scene of Grease. The other one is another crop top with some lace detail around the neckline. Love it!

Pull & Bear Haul

Jeans! I’d had my eye on these for a while so when I saw they were gonna be on sale I made sure I got a pair. I just love the cut, they are mom jeans and soooo comfy. And the pastel stripes just look damn cool.

Pull & Bear HaulPull & Bear HaulPull & Bear Haul

I may have developed a thing for tropical shirt, or as one of my friends likes to call them “cool dad shirts”. I picked up these two, a darker one and a creme coloured shirt. They are just so incredibly comfy and I love the flowyness of them. Perfff for summer! (Also, the jeans in this photo are extremely wide leg jeans, which I have also been obsessed with. Just couldn’t get them in the shot properly.)

Pull & Bear Haul

Next, more pants! These are super wide legged, and very light and flowy. Downside was they were waaaay too long so I had to shorten them by like 20 cm. But they’re ready to stroll down the boulevard in now!

Pull & Bear Haul

Lastly I got this set of choker necklaces just because I thought they were cute and only a euro… The perfect finishing touch!

So these are some of the things you’re deffo gonna be seeing me in during the holiday! What are your summer essentials?


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28 thoughts on “PULL & BEAR SUMMER HAUL”

  1. That kimono is perfect! I have one and I’ve only ever used it once or twice… in fact, I forgot it even existed until you wrote about kimonos XD

    Also, totally loving the tropical shirts! I’ve been wanting but never knew where to get it. Funny story, I was visiting my grandpa earlier and I was telling him how he needed more tropical shirts in his wardrobe so he can be extra fashionable this summer! He laughed the idea off… haha!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Haha well Pull & Bear is the place to go! I think your grandpa would look fab in a tropical shirt haha, I’ve been persuading my brother into buying them as well. Thanks for your lovely comment! x

  2. Grease, Sandy and that off shoulder top, I really like that. It is so Sandy and so femininely beautiful to wear. The wide legged pants looks very comfy to wear too. If only I can striked up with a leather pants, it’ll be so Grease lighting. Beautiful pieces. Sharon Elsie |

    1. Haha right! I almost went as Sandy for Halloween with this top as well! Definitely someting I still want to do. Thanks for your comment! x

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