I have graduated college! I finally got my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Communications so I’m officially done with this study! As a graduation present my parents got me this BEAU-TI-FUL necklace. It’s from a brand called “Pyrrha“. They make hand crafted talismans, each with their own meaning. I got this gorgeous swan necklace which I’d been eyeing for foreverrrr.


All of the Pyrrha jewelry is hand crafted in Vancouver and made using wax seals with images from the Victorian era. I love that every single piece has a special meaning and is designed to inspire the wearer.


I first saw this necklace in the tv show “Once Upon A Time”, where Emma wears it. When I found out what brand it was I started investigating a bit more. I looked into the different meanings all of the necklaces had but finally decided on the swan since it reminds me of only good things. First of all, it obviously reminds me of Once Upon A Time which has been my favourite tv show since the beginning. For me this show symbolizes hope, fantasy and growth. The second reason I chose this necklace is because I have always found swans such beautiful and graceful creatures. I’m not sure why, but  I associate swans with fairytales and imagination.

Lastly, whenever I see a swan it reminds me of a family holiday we took to Bruges once a long time ago. I remember it being such a magical Christmassy town. One evening, as we were walking through the snow and candlelit streets, we walked down this little bridge over a small river. I looked down and the river was filled with swans. It was such a beautiful sight and I was so amazed by the beauty of it all. To quote one of the cheesiest movies of all time “It looked like a dream”.


I am suuuuper thankful to my parents for getting me this amazing gift! I worked hard for it over the past four years and this will now always remind me of that!

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  1. You really deserve this.
    What you have showed the last 4 years, working towards 2 bachelor degrees, an internship far away from home (Disney) , writing a superb thesis and graduating is quite an achievement.
    Your very proud dad!

  2. Hope it’s not too late to congratulate you and wish you success in your future undertakings. I agree that swans are indeed magical and graceful in its way. It feels like they’re gliding on water so magnificently. It is so great to wear something as beautiful as this custom made piece of necklace. The story behind it makes it priceless. Beautiful piece. Sharon Elsie | diva-in-me.com

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