Long time no see! (Or post.) I have been very busy with school and work recently so I’m sorry for the lack of content. For this post I wanted to keep it chill and share with you some snippets of my Easter sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and ate lots of food (chocolate). Warning: this posts will contain A LOT of food pictures, so be prepared to be left hungry…


On sunday we started the day with a nice breakfast. I made mango bagels which are my absolute fave, and they’re so easy! Just chop up a mango in tiny pieces, mix it with some mayo, salt and pepper, top it off with some egg and spring onions and you’re done!


Another little treat that I made are these Easter nests. I’d been seeing them all over the internet and finally made some myself. I used the Cadbury mini eggs I got from London since we don’t really have those in the Netherlands. I also had to substitute shredded wheat since that was nowhere to be found either. So I roasted some oatmeal with sugar, and mixed that with a mixture of melted chocolate, butter and a dash of milk. Delish!


What’s a holiday without a cake, right?! I decided to make my Key Lime cheesecake which I thought was perfect for Spring! It tastes so fresh and delicious, ideal for this time of year!


Around 4 o’clock some friends of ours came over. For the majority of the day we just chilled and played some card games. And prepared for dinner! This year, we went for homemade tapas, and we ended up having so many different things. Bruschetta, empanadas, mini quiches, a cheese board and lots of different little dishes like shrimp, chicken and balsamic mushrooms. It looked so cool and all tasted soooo good!


We ended up playing card games for the rest of the night which was so much fun. We played this one game called “Wizards” which I loved. Note to self: have to get that for when we go on holiday. And that was it for my Easter sunday. As I said, loads of food but hey, it was Easter so we were allowed to indulge a little.

I hope you guys all had a fun weekend, I would love to hear what you did for Easter!


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37 thoughts on “EASTER FESTIVITIES”

  1. I can see you had a wonderful Easter with fun and laughter. Those foods are simply amazing and indulging, how did you create those with such little time? We also had a happy Easter Sunday with loads of food and families coming over. My niece made the same Easter nests you did, so sweet and nice.


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