This past weekend I went on a little trip away to a place I had been wanting to visit for a very long time: London! And what made the trip even better was that I was visiting one of my old roomies from Disney, Shelby! Double excitement. I took SO many photos so be prepared for a jam packed post!

I arrived on saturday very early at Stansted Airport. After a horrid few hours of train disruptions and detours I arrived in London via Kings Cross Station. And I have to admit, the detours sucked but there couldn’t have been a more magical way to arrive in London. I felt just like Harry Potter and recognized everything from the movies. Sadly though there was a queue for the photo op at Platform 9 3/4 so all we did was have a little (not so little) wander around the shop.


LondonWe took the underground to Westminster Abbey where we started our sightseeing. Big Ben Tower, Westminster Abbey, red phone boots, the whole experience. Literally all of the buildings were so amazingly beautiful. So many different styles, and I loved recognizing it all from my art history classes and of course from the movies and TV shows!LondonLondon

We went to this adorable little icecream shop where I had the most beautiful icecream I ever did see. Amorino makes the rose-shaped icecreams you see all over Instagram. And not only were they simply gorgeous, it was also delicious! Especially the salted caramel.LondonLondonLondonWe walked through Covent Garden and China Town. I also tried the famous bubble tea there. I mean, when in London try all the foods (and drinks).LondonLondon

We obviously visited load of shops in Oxford and Carnaby Street. I might actually just make a seperate “London Haul” post haha. I ended up shopping at Urban Outfitters and stocked up on NYX at Boots. But we also strolled around Lush, Paperchase, Monki and other cute stores.

We had dinner at Wagamamas because I’d seen it in so many vlogs and was always so jealous of it. It was soooo delicious! So many different things to choose from, and I went for a classic chicken terriyaki, yum! After dinner we strolled around Carnaby Street for a while before ending up at Choccywoccydoodah. Another place I desperately wanted to visit. And OMG it was amazing. All of the cakes looked so incredible! I actually couldn’t believe it was chocolate haha.LondonLondon

On the second day we started out in Hyde Park and walked to Buckingham Palace. It was extremely windy so after waving to the queen we walked down to Hard Rock Cafe. Unfortunately the line was too long to grab a bite to eat, but I did manage to get a shirt for my collection. After that, we took the tube to Camden.LondonLondon

I immediately fell in love with Camden. I was so glad Shelby took me there, because it’s not a place I would’ve known to visit if I was there without a Londoner tour guide. It was such a lovely place, such a nice atmosphere. There was a huge food market with so many different kitchens. Mexican, Italian, Indonesian, pastries, there even was a stand with “Dutch Pancakes”. The market continued underground, where the stables used to be. Again, so many different things to see. I just loved walking around there, looking at everything. And there were so many things to see, even the Mad Hatter was there!London


We bought some teas from a cute little stand, and had dinner at this place called “Bird”. I had the best nachos, and Shelby had a salted caramel milkshake. Yes, wow. After strolling down the market for a bit, we took the tube back to Kings Cross. I got some provisions for my flight on the following day, including Cadbury Easter Eggs Shelby got me yay.London


And that concludes my trip to London! Luckily the trains back to the airport and the flight went very smoothly. I had the BEST time in London. It was so lovely seeing Shelby again, and she showed me so much of London in just 2 days. It was the perfect getaway weekend and I can’t wait to go back!


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32 thoughts on “NO PLACE LIKE LONDON”

  1. You’ve done so many things & this made me jealous! I love every photos here, especially the ones from Camden.
    I really wanna travel to London someday, it’s my dream city!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK’s Dawn

  2. Indeed, there is literally no place like London. Your photos are so gorgeous, they made me want to go back to the city again ASAP!

    x Nerissa

  3. My. Favourite. City. Ever.
    And you managed to take beautiful pictures. <3<3<3
    One of my biggest regrets this year is not being able to visit Camden Market during my visit to London. I'll come back soon! :')

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