Last week my friend Eva and I decided to head over to Domburg for a nice beach day. Yes, it is still winter and cold and windy, but it’s nice to get out there every once in a while for some fresh air! And besides that I always love going to the beach no matter what the weather is like. Breathing in the salty sea air, strolling down the shore and walking along the dunes …


So we started our day in Domburg, which was surprisingly busy for this time of year. We walked down the beach for some time and had a cup of coffee. The weather was quite dreary and really windy, but luckily it hardly rained. And obviously we both took loads of photos. (Photo credits for the photos of me, the yellow coated adventurer, to Eva)


We had lunch at this beach hut called “Oase”, right on the beach. I ordered my go-to, bread with some dips, which was delicious!


After strolling down the beach in Domburg for a few hours, we headed to Westkappelle. Another small town in Zeeland where we both hadn’t been in ages. Being there we kinda understood why; there really wasn’t anything to do. The beach was asphalted and the wind nearly blew us over. So we had a quick walk there before heading to my FAVE town Veere.


In Veere we walked through all of the cute little shops. Among which this cute old fashioned candyshop. And before heading home we sat down to have a cheeky piece of cheesecake with capuccino.

Overall we had such a lovely day by the beach! Relaxed and recharged for the new week!


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40 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE BEACH”

    1. Uitwaaien is the perfect word for it! Haha, I love pretty much every place in Zeeland but Veere is definitely my favourite. Thank you! x

  1. I agree – going to the beach is always so lovely, no matter what time of year! Your photos are so beautiful, and that beach looks very pretty – I wish I could go to one near me soon too. I have to say that I’m also craving your cheesecake a bit… They’re my weakness! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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