Last week, on what seemed to be one of the coldest days so far this year, we decided to go to the zoo! We went to Dierenrijk (“Animal Kingdom”). There were so many awesome and adorable animals, so obviously I had the best time photographing everything.


There were meerkats, elephants, bears and bevers, camels and cows. All the animals you can imagine. I loved how close you could get to some of the animals, they were literally a few inches away.


This little red panda was one of my favourites. There were three of them but this one kept coming to us, and posing for the camera.


Because of the cold a lot of the animals were quite hidden, tucked away in small corners. Like these little foxes and marten who were curled up in barrels. And this adorable monkey family who were cuddling to keep their young warm.


And then we saw the bears and wolves. They actually lived together which I found interesting. And when we decided to have some lunch over at the little bench next to the glass, we got company. These huge brown bears just walked up to us and sat at the bench on their side of the glass. It was so cool, they were literally less then 10 cm. away from us. Such a funny experience.

ZooZooZooOverall we had a lovely day at the zoo. It was nice that it was so quiet due to the cold. We barely saw any other guests. Which made it so much easier for me to take these cool photos!


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