Today me and my friend Eva went on a little adventure and took the train to Maastricht. A city in the very south of the Netherlands. Every year a Christmas market is organised in this city, and this year we decided to visit it and see what it was all about.


I had never been to Maastricht before, but it is such a beautiful city! Lots of old buildings, cute stores and little alleys. And of course, all of the Christmas decorations!



We then walked towards the Christmas market. It was so lovely! There was a ferris wheel and an ice skating rink. And loads and loads of cute little stalls with things like chocolate tools, candle makers, smoked salmon, butcher aprons and chocolate covered fruits. There was also a shop called “Santa’s Treasury” where they sold the most adorable Christmas decorations EVER. Literally, they had such cute ornaments and dishes. I just wanted to buy everything.


And, when you go to a Christmas market, you obviously have to make a stop for some hot chocolate and mulled wine!


We also visited the most amazing bookstore which was located in an actual church. It was something straight out of Harry Potter, such a cool idea. And they also had these gorgeous books bound in leather, and special editions. The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Grimm Brothers… It was absolutely gorgeous!


Maastricht is definitely on my to-go list from now on around this time of year! It is such a beautiful city, with very nice shops and an amazing Christmas market!

Oh, and of course I picked up a cute ornament for my own Christmas tree at Santa’s Treasury!



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  1. Looks so amazingly Christmassy and festive! I’ve never been to Holland but really want to – especially Amsterdam, and now Maastricht too (at least during Christmas!). This post has also made me really crave mulled wine even though I’m already in bed under a million duvets.. Damn it! 😀

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Haha, same here though I could go for a nice hot chocolate! Amsterdam is so lovely as well! Hope you get to visit someday! x

  2. Oh my god it looks like the cutest place ever! Your pictures are stunning! I am definitely taking inspiration from this post anyway, well done on you lovely blog too, I love it!! x

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