Here in the Netherlands we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, and Black Friday has never really been a thing here. Over the past few years though, shops have really started to pick up on the idea of Black Friday. Much to my delight of course, since I got to enjoy some pretty good sales! I thought I’d share with you some of the items I got.

The first thing I got was this green jumper from H&M. I got it in a size Large, like I did all of the jumpers in this haul, since I wanted some cozy, snuggly, oversized jumpers for winter. It has a turtleneck and is in this lovely dark green colour which reminds me of the forest.

Black Friday Haul

The second store I visited was Pull & Bear, one of my absolute favourite stores. I seem to never leave it without buying something. This time, I went for these two jumpers which are actually from the mens department. The first one is this white creme coloured jumper with a black and yellow pattern at the top. Again, I got this in a Large.

Black Friday Haul

And then my personal favourite, I got this amazing Christmas Jumper. Some might file it under “Ugly Christmas Jumpers” but those are my favourite haha. It is just so festive with little snowmans, Christmas lights, Christmas trees and baubles. I love it! And again I got this in a size Large.

Black Friday Haul

Then on to jewellery, I got these all at Hema, which is a Dutch store. I never really buy earrings anymore and just stick to studs usually. But recently I started to like little hooped earrings again, so I got these rosegold earrings.

untitled-1Black Friday Haul

I also got this set of studs earrings which are, again, Christmas themed! There are some plain studs, but also a little snowmand and Christmas tree which I think are sooooo cute! I’m defitinitely gonna be wearing these all throughout December!




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