Welcome to part 2 of my latest Disney adventure! Click here for part 1. We started our second day at Disneyland Paris with a nice breakfast at Hotel Cheyenne. After that, we rushed to the Hollywood Studios park to try and beat the rush. Sadly though, it was already busy and the Ratatouille ride had technical issues. But we did manage to ride Rock ‘n Roller Coaster and  Studio Tram Tour!

Disneyland Parisuntitled-2Disneyland Paris

After that, we walked back to Disneyland Park, where we arrived just in time to see Disney’s Christmas Parade. Seeing the parade and hearing the music play just made me feel so happy, and it even started snowing! It had some new carts and characters which I’d never seen before, which was so cool.

Disneyland ParisDisneyland ParisDisneyland Paris

Next we rode a few rides like Space Mountain Mission 2, and Haunted Mansion again. And we had a nice cup of coffee with a castle view. We wandered around for a while, which gave me the opportunity to take so more photos of Disneyland by day!

Disneyland ParisDisneyland ParisDisneyland ParisDisneyland ParisDisneyland Paris

We had dinner reservations pretty early so we could see the fireworks afterwards. And those reservations were for my favourite restaurant in Disneyland Paris: The Blue Lagoon! It is a restaurant that is right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And as you sit and eat, you can actually see the boats from the ride pass by. It is like you are actually in the Caribbean, such a nice vibe. And the food was AMAZING. I had a Vegetable Voyage and it all tasted so good!! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris

After dinner, we headed to the square in front of the castle to watch Disney Dreams of Christmas! I looove this show so so much! They do a light, water and fireworks show all in one, unlike the show in Orlando. And I had never seen this show before so I was so excited! It had such a funny part of Toy Story in it, and obviously lots of Frozen. I absolutely loved it.

Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris

And that concludes my second and last day in Disneyland Paris. Overall I had the best time, and I looooved being back at my happy place!


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  1. Nothing beats a Disney Christmas !! Gorgeous pics and that show looks amazing! I was in Disney World Florida in the summer but I already can’t wait to go back! xx

  2. Love the photos! No one is ever too old for Disney, right? That place never fails to bring out the kid in me. Disneyland Paris is definitely on my bucket list and I hope to visit that place soon. <3

  3. I love Disneyland at Christmas time, it’s even more magical than usual!
    I’ve been lucky enough to go twice for New Years and it was amazing, though a little (ok, a lot) cold!

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