Last week the time was finally there, I went to Disneyland Paris!! I am the BIGGEST Disney fan ever so I had been looking forward to it for sooo long. I have been to Disneyland Paris a fair amount of times, but the last time I was there was already three years ago. So I was most excited to see what had changed! And of course, it was already Christmas themed, which made it all the more fun! Also, I decided to divide my trip into two seperate posts, so that I can share even more of the photos I took!


The fun started before we even went on our trip, with packing my suitcase! I have so much Disney merch so I made sure to make a good selection of items to bring with me. Which obviously included my Christmas Minnie Mouse ears!

We arrived in Disney on sunday afternoon. We stayed at Hotel Cheyenne, a Western themed hotel. When walking outside through the hotel it was as if we were walking through an old Western village, something straight out of Once Upon a Time in the West. After checking in and dropping of our suitcases, we immediately headed for the parks.


As soon as I walked onto Main Street USA I got a feeling of being at home. It just looked exactly like the one in Orlando where I used to work. We rode a few rides, starting with my favourite one Pirates of the Caribbean. Followed by Haunted Mansion and wandering around the park for a bit. Then we had dinner at Planet Hollywood, which has the BEST burgers and nachos!


After we’d finished dinner, the sun had already set and the beautiful lights of Disney began to shine. Main Street lit up as its lights reflected on the pavement. And as we entered the park, Disney’s Magic On Parade was just starting. Loud music was blasting everywhere as all of the Disney characters danced down Main Street. The shows and parades are one of my favourite thing at Disney, they just make you feel so happy and forget everything else for a while.


After the parade we headed further into the park to go on more rides. Starting with Snow White and Pinnochio. Then we did Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, which is such a good rollercoaster. Just a bit cold haha. Next we did Pirates of the Caribbean again, and It’s a Small World. Sadly, a lot of the rides were closed for refurbishments for Disneyland’s 25th anniversary next year. So we didn’t get to do Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. But there was plenty more to do!


I, for instance, love just wandering around the park and the different lands, and just enjoying being there and taking photos. Looking around all the different shops. Christmas at Disney is always such a magical time. All the beautiful decorations, an overdose of Christmas music. And even though rain can be a pain in the ass, I have to admit that Main Street USA looks most beautiful after it has rained.


And that’s a wrap on day one in Disney! We saved Disney Dreams for the next day and ended our first day with some drinks at the saloon in our hotel. Getting an early night and getting ready for another full day at Disney! Stay tuned for part 2 of my Disney adventure!


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