GLOW is an annual event that is organized once a year in the fall in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I always love going there, there is always such a nice atmosphere. Sadly it was raining, but it was a nice evening nevertheless, and there were some nice sculptures and installations to see! GLOW is all about light and light art, and I managed to snap a few nice shots!



One of the sculptures were these huge white people that were climbing the buildings. The story behind it was that some sort of giant creatures would invade the earth, and these were the first ones exploring our planet. While I’m not so sure about that, it sure did look cool.



All around the city there were these awesome light sculptures, light boxes, LEDs, and so on. People from all around the world always visit this event, and it’s different every year! I couldn’t visit last year, so I was extra excited to go this year. And it was also the perfect opportunity to test out my new lense that I got for my camera. I think my favourite installation was the Tesla Coil. I was just super impressed by this, it was basically lightning bolts making music. You could see the actual lightning, and as it hit the water around it.


Overall, GLOW looked pretty good this year! If you’re ever in the Netherlands around this time of year, be sure to check it out!


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5 thoughts on “GLOW 2016”

  1. Wow! Amazing photos! This looks like such a cool event. My fave would have to be that glowing box (second pictured installation). There is something out of this world about it. haha!

    I really wish to visit Europe someday so I can see and experience interesting events like this.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

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