It’s October! Which means it’s finally socially acceptable to be overly excited for autumn, drink pumpkin spice latte’s and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas! And I’m not the only one who thinks that way… Last week I went to Europapark on a school trip, and they know how to decorate for Autumn!


A field trip to a theme park, who wouldn’t like that! We went there by bus, starting our journey at 6AM, and arrived at our destination around 1PM. Of course, we immediately dropped off our suitcases and entered the park.


There was so much to see . The park actually started out as a showroom for rollercoasters, so obviously they had THE BEST thrill rides. We started out with the Silver Star, a crazy coaster with heights up to 73 metres, speeds up to 130 km/h and huge drops. That was a nice wake up call haha. There was also a huge ball in the middle of the park, dressed up as a huge pumpkin. And in that pumpkin, there was another rollercoaster.


The two most insane rides we went on though, were the Blue Fire and the Wodan. The first one measured your heart beat which was interesting. Mine went sky high before the launch and then suddenly went really calm haha. But the Wodan, oh man that was hell for me. I am not the biggest fan of wooden coasters to begin with, and this one was absolutely insane. It went so fast, I literally screamed my lungs out. Fun times haha, but never again.


Another part of Europapark, is a showcase of Europe. Several European countries are being represented in the park, with typical surroundings, food and rides. It was fun to be in Holland, where they made poffertjes! But of course they also had countries like France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Greece.europapark

We stayed at a super fancy four star hotel called Colosseo. It was Italian styled. The view from our room was just amazing. We overlooked the inner courtyard. Our room was actually right above the restaurant, so the smell there was soooo good. So we obviously had to go for dinner there, I had the pasta which was delicious.


I went to the park at the end of September / beginning of October. So Halloween was going on in full force in the park! Hundreds of thousands of pumpkins were spread all over the park. It all felt extremely autumnal, which I obviously loved!


Overall I had a great time at Europapark. But after being in the bus for longer than actually being in the park, I was ready to sleep for days straight.



  1. Yeay! Europapark! It’s been ages since I last went there! (Okay, I only went there once haha). …And it’s so nicely decorated for autumn!!! The pumpkins look gorgeous!

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