Ever since I was a baby, I have been going to the beach in Zeeland. It’s a place in Holland adjacent to the North Sea. This holiday was no different. We decided to go to Zeeland for 5 days. And luckily, we ended up being there during a heat wave!


Usually when we go to Zeeland, we visit some cute small towns or other places. But this time, we didn’t really do a lot of sightseeing or other activities. We pretty much just laid on the beach and swam all day everyday. Which was totally fine by me as the weather was too hot to do anything else anyway.



I got a chance to read a bit again, some good ol’ Nicholas Sparks. I loooved the movie “The Longest Ride” so I thought I’d finally give the book a try. And so far, so good (especially if you’re a hopeless romantic like me)! And at night, we strolled down the shore. Obviously I took a lot of photos!


For me, going to the beach at night is always the perfect opportunity to wear cute summer dresses! I’m loving the off-the-shoulder trend at the moment.




There were some pretty nice sunsets!


On the last night, we went out for dinner where we always go, at “Proef Zeeland” (“Taste Zeeland”). They have the best, most fresh fish in the area. This time I went for some scampi with french fries.



All in all I had an awesome time at the beach once again. I just love walking by the sea, with my toes in the sand. Looking for sea shells, reading a bit. And especially breathing in the fresh, salty sea air. It’s just so nice to be at the beach and can relax, with nothing to worry about. Just relax. Catch your breath, and recharge.



Off-the-shoulder dress:


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  1. Hi Annabelle. I just discovered your blog and I fell in love! Love the photos in this post. And I’m gonna be binge-reading your post so don’t mind me here. hehe

    xx, itsrenalexis.com

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