Another Austria post! I had to write a seperate post about my second day in Austria, simply because I saw so many beautiful things in one day. We went to the Kaunertaler Gletcherstraße. A beautiful area in Tyrol. We went to see the glacier and the lake at the bottom of it.

Glacier Lake

The first thing we drove by was the glacier lake. I was most excited to see this, because I’d seen so many beautiful photos. And it did not disappoint. The lake was bright blue, and you could see the glacier at the end.

As we drove a bit further up the mountain, we stopped at this river. It was the river that led from the glacier to the lake. This place was a paradise for taking photos. Everything just looked like a fairytale.

Then we had to drive to the bottom of the glacier, which meant conquering about 30 hair pins. Our journey even got interrupted by a cowherd and his cows!


Once we had reached the glacier, we had to take the cable cars up the glacier. But the journey was so worth it! The view was absolutely amazing! We were standing at 3120 m., on the border of Austria and Italy, so on one side you could see Austria’s snowy glacier, and on the other side you could see Italy’s mountains. And while the view was awesome, it was so weird to be standing in a snowy area in the middle of summer haha. But honestly, it was as if I was walking on the set of the Lord of the Rings movies, so beautiful.

On our way back down the mountain, we stumbled upon another lake! This one was even blue-er than the first one! We walked around it, collected some nice rocks, and eventually made our way back home. But not before we were surprised by yet another beautiful nature sight!

Just before our way down the mountain had ended, we saw this beautiful waterfall. I had never seen a waterfall this big, so this was a nice surprise for me!

So, that was it for my second day in Austria. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it made you excited for your next adventure!


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