During the summer holidays there are always those days where you want to do something, but just have no idea what. One thing I’m always doing when I’m bored, is scrolling down Pinterest. More specifically, scrolling down the DIY section. For my birthday I got a glass terarrium, so I thought I’d put it to good use now that I have the time to!

The other day, I went to the garden center with my mum to pick up a few things for my terrarium project. I bought four plants, three succulents and one cactus, just because I thought they’d look cute together. Also, I bought some gravel and decorative red pebbles to layer the terrarium with. Lastly, I collected some larger pebbles from our garden, and got some soil, silver sand other sand from our garden, but you can obviously use just whatever you like or can get your hands on.

I started by putting a layer of silver sand in the terrarium. On top of that I added the natural gravel. On top of that I added a bit of soil, and topped that off with a bit of the red decorative pebbles.

The next layers consisted of light sand, and a layer of bigger pebbled mixed with gravel. On top of that I put the final layer of soil. You want to make sure that this layer is quite thick, because the plants, including the roots, have to fit in there. I then placed the succulents and the cactus in the soil. It’s important to cover the roots completely with soil, and press it down firmly. I then poured some water on the soil to let it set. Finally, I sprinkled the top with gravel and red pebbles. Et voilà! Your own, unique, terrarium!

DIY Terrarium || Travels and Tea

I put my terrarium on the cabinet in my bedroom. Mainly because I keep buying plants to put in my room, but I’m apparently no good at keeping them alive. Therefore, I thought I’d give some good ol’ succulents and cacti a chance! You can put your terrarium at a nice spot on a cabinet, in the living room or your bedroom. It would even look cute standing on a windowsill.  I personally think it would make such a cute gift. You can style it however you want to. It is such a cute, personal and unique gift, and it’s always nice to put in a little more effort instead of just buying something in a store.  Have fun DIY’ing!


2 thoughts on “DIY TERRARIUM”

  1. This is just amazing! Loving all your posts so much. Summer always makes me feel like doing DIY projects too & I’m in loooove with terrariums! The red pebbles were a great choice – all looks so pro! Lovely photography too <3

    Sheena | sheenakhu.com

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